Reason For This Blog

Fifty years of nursing, all of it at the cutting edges of medicine,  has taught me respect and disrespect.  Most of all, it’s taught me to Stay Healthy.

This computer has hundreds of files on it that were to become books. One called Stay Healthy (actually enough for 4 books including care plans) another is Family Maxims and then there are all the parent teaching tips and tricks that had a circle of chairs around me in NICU.  I am giving you this in the new aspect of internet marketing called  FREE.

Eventually there will be another aspect to this site.  Long ago, when I’d come home from a night shift in Critical Care, I’d write the thing that made me angry that shift and tossed it into a folder on the hard drive.  I was a thorn in management’s side and they fired me, just one in a long list of their greatest talent in nurses, the ‘old guard’, and replaced us with new grads who were pretty and compliant.  So I looked in that folder. There were 680 stories and eventually  much of it will be posted here.

Nurses cannot make changes in hospital units. They are fired for trying.

Only the patient can change how things are done, this blog  will  tell you the problems and how you can effect solutions.

Brie Widmeyer, CCRN