The setting

Learning the baby’s responses to sounds by the information on their monitors, the music of PACIFE was then developed using Leonard Bernstein’s idea of children’s ‘Primal Tunes’, and adding a series of rules for composing,


This newborn was post-op from abdominal surgery and unhappy. With the music of PACIFE his crying stopped, he smiled, looked around and slept.

Because it had happened so many times before, the camera was ready.

Why is PACIFE music different?

In his Harvard Lectures, Bernstein told of ‘Primal Tunes’, those sequences of notes that children around the world, when left to their own devices will chant in their games. PACIFE music was constructed using these tunes, some mathematical characteristics of Bach, (allowing the baby to mentally trace musical patterns) and basic peaceful qualities of music as indicated by the monitors giving it profoundly soothing effects.